Attract Customers to a Well-Maintained Property

Attract Customers to a Well-Maintained Property

Commercial landscaping in Monroe, Indian Trail, Waxhaw & Matthews, NC

Welcome customers to an aesthetically-pleasing business with the help of Green Earth Landscaping, Inc. Our services go above and beyond those of typical landscaping companies. In addition to your basic turf maintenance, such as mowing, fertilizing and weeding, we also provide:

  • Plant maintenance: Make sure your plants remain healthy all year long.
  • Pest control & management: Encourage the good bugs and eradicate the bad bugs for healthy plants.
  • Soil testing: Test the soil to better understand its basic characteristics, and tailor a care plan specific to your soil and turf health.
  • Mulching & pine needles: Protect the soil and roots from the summer heat, inhibit weeds, retain moisture and improve the look of your lawn.
  • Aeration & seeding: Break up the compacted soil to improve its health and allow your lawn to breathe.
  • Seasonal planting & color: Plant seasonal flowers to transform the appearance of your landscape.
  • Plant tissue analysis: Analyze the level of nutrients in your plants and perform tissue testing to see what’s preventing them from receiving nutrients.

Call today to get started on your beautiful commercial landscape in Monroe, Indian Trail, and Matthews, NC.

Our crew works hard year-round to maintain your commercial property. With a personalized contract designed to suit your needs, you'll be able to focus on running your business while we enhance and maintain your commercial landscape. Call today to schedule commercial landscaping services in Monroe, Indian Trail, Matthews, NC and the surrounding areas.