Edward Dubisz

Green Earth Landscaping, Inc. was founded by Edward Dubisz, who started the business by maintaining residential homes throughout the Charlotte area.  The business began in 2006 as a part time job and after one year grew into full time.  The business was originally created to do residential mowing, landscape installation, pine needles, mulch, irrigation installation and maintenance but quickly evolved into something much larger.  In 2007, the business was incorporated under the name Green Earth Landscaping, Inc.  The business has expanded every year since and services both commercial and residential landscaping maintenance accounts.

Green Earth Landscaping, Inc. prides ourselves in being a full-service landscape company.  We are currently involved in all segments of the landscaping industry including landscape installation, turf maintenance, irrigation installation and maintenance as well as sodding, aeration, seeding, pine needles, flower installation, snow plowing and ice removal.

Jeremy Kissiah

Jeremy Kissiah

Crew Leader & Mechanic

Jeremy Kissiah has been with Green Earth Landscaping, Inc. for 2 years now. He grew up in the Charlotte area and has worked in the landscaping industry for 6 years. He is currently a crew leader with the company as well as a mechanic. He has a passion for cars and anything mechanical. His past work experience within the auto industry has helped him take a vital role in keeping all the equipment at Green Earth Landscaping running properly. He strives to make all our clients happy and he understands that in order to service our clients to the best of our ability he needs to continue to learn and evolve. If you see him on the property, please introduce yourself and let him know of any concerns you may have. He will always do his best to rectify any issues. We are pleased to have Jeremy Kissiah with our Green Earth family.